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Naming Conventions

Electronics Racks Naming Convention

After a number of discussions about common rules for components naming, small working group was created to formulate final
  XFEL Electronics Racks Naming Concept.

The List of Functional sections and subsections is not yet complete and will be updated soon


Beam Line Sections Naming Convention

The machine proper is a succession/assembly of sections with different functionalities (e.g. Injector, Bunch Compressor, Main Linac, SASE-x, Dump Lines, Photon Beam Lines ....)

Each functional section gets its own unique name. The section names refer either to the function or to the tunnel where the particular section ends

Naming Convention for the XFEL - Beam Line Sections is also stored in EDMS in the following document

Beam Line Sections

XFEL Buildings Nomenclature

function of the section:

I1 - Injector 1
I1D - Injector Dump
L1 - Linac 1
B1 - Bunch Compressor 1
B1D - Bunch Compressor 1 Dump(Line)
L2 - Linac 2
B2 - Bunch Compressor 2
B2D - Bunch Compressor 2 Dump(Line)
L3 - Main Linac
CL - Collimation Section
TLD - Main Linac Dump(Line)
SA1-3 - SASE Undulator Sections
UN1-2 - Spontaneous Radiation Undulator Sections
T5D - Main Dump(Line) in XTD5/XSDU1
T4D - Main Dump(Line) in XTD4/XSDU2
tunnel where the section ends:

TL - (straight) e-beam line starting at the end of the collimation section and ending at the T1-T20 switch
T1 - (straight) e-beam line starting at TL-T1 switch, ending in XTD1 at the beginning of SASE-2 section
T2 - (straight) e-beam line starting at T1-T20 switch, ending in XTD2 at the beginning of SASE-1 section
T3 - (bended) e-beam line starting after SASE-2 section, ending in XTD3 at beginning of UN1 section
T4 - (bended) e-beam line starting after SASE-1 section, ending in XTD4 at beginning of SASE-3 section
T4D- (bended) e-beam line starting after SASE-3 section in XTD4, ending in XSDU2
T5 - (bended) e-beam line starting after UN1 section, ending in XTD5 at beginning of UN2 section
T5D - (bended) e-beam line starting after UN2 section in XTD5, ending in XSDU1
T6 - SASE-2 photon beam line in XTD6, starting at photon/e- separation (in T3 section)
T7 - UN2 photon beam line in XTD7, starting at photon/e- separation (in T5D section)
T8 - UN1 photon beam line in XTD8, starting at photon/e- separation (in T5 section)
T9 - SASE-1 photon beam line in XTD9, starting at photon/e- separation (in T4 section)
T10 - SASE-3 photon beam line in XTD10, starting at photon/e- separation (in T4D section)


XFEL - Components Naming Convention

Any Component installed will have 2 labels:

1. A unique Part Identifier e.g. a serial number, that allows to identify the part unambiguously and trace its history, QA, location... Part identifiers will NEVER change. They will be attached as soon as a part is manufactured.

2. A Functional Label (unique for a given location + function), indicating its particular function and location in the machine / XFEL

The functional label will be changed when a component will be exchanged, e.g. a vacuum pump will be exchanged for maintenance purposes and reinstalled in a different location. They will be attached prior to the part’s installation.

The function label will comprise:
- An abbreviation indicating its function/type
- The abbreviation of the beam line section where it is installed
- The Z-Coordinate (in meters) where it is installed XFEL
Examples for Functional Labels

Klystrons will be ‘functionally’ named and counted from 1 to 25:
K8 L3 972 - Klystron 8
                   belonging to L3 = Main Linac
                   located at Z = 972 m*

Accelerator Modules will be ‘functionally’ named according to the powering Klystron:
A8.2 L3 976 - Accelerator Module 2
                         powered by Klystron 8
                         belonging to L3 = Main Linac
                         located at Z = 976 m*

(* fictitious Z-coordinates)